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We are excited to share with you our plan to reinstate the NAINA Newsletter every four months starting April 2021. Our Newsletter features news, activities and all things noteworthy which are happening in our chapters and among our members. Our goal is to keep in touch with the membership and celebrate their success. We are aware of great things that go on in many Chapters and on behalf of the Governing Board, we look forward to highlighting your work and providing a platform upon which to share your talents and success. To that end, we invite you to collaborate with us on the Newsletter to help create a fun-filled, meaningful and informative bulletin by us, and for us. 

We have included some helpful guidelines here that will simplify the process of creating our NAINA Newsletter. 

A. Acceptable items:
  • Articles which will educate, entertain, and enhance nursing practice, research and leadership. You may include photos as appropriate to the article (please see the guidelines for photo submissions below).
  • All articles, reports, and write-ups will only be accepted if they are in an appropriate Word Format.
  • Chapter Activities Report which will be limited to one page, with the inclusion of photos, if needed.
  • Individual or group pictures of newly elected Chapter Leadership
  • Chapter event flyers. All event flyers must be submitted in an appropriate PDF, JPEG, PNG, or Word Format.
B. New Sections:
  • Welcome New Members, where we would like to list the members’ names and their respective Chapter. Provided we have each member’s consent to include their picture, we will gladly add this to the section.
  • Honorees, where we would like to highlight members who have received any form of professional recognition.
  • Please include: Name, Credentials, Picture and Details of the Award and the Awarding Entity.
  • NAINA Honor Roll, the criteria for this section is still being developed but if anyone has constructive suggestions, please share them with me. 
C. Photographs:
  • Each picture must be sent in the appropriate JPEG, PNG, or PSD format.
  • Captions for the pictures, with a clear indication of which picture it correlates to, must be sent in an appropriate Word Format.
D. Disclaimer/Copyright/Citation:
  • Author takes the responsibility of proper citation for references used in scholarly work.
  • Copyrighted images should not be used, if used, author is fully responsible for copyright related matters.
Your submissions may be subjected to editing and NAINA reserves the right of publishing or rejecting articles.
Please email your articles and attachments to: NAINA Newsletter/Editorial Chair at

Any questions?

Pressanna Parackal
Communications Chair

Liffy Cherian
Editorial/Journal Chair